Mocap Studio
His current application areas include: ergonomics, film art, television, games, robotics control, military, virtual industrial design, prosthetics and orthopedics, nervous systems, product design and development, medical robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, patterns Identification, vibration analysis, animation, interactive games, sports training, ergonomics research, biomechanical research, etc.

Shanghai ChingMu Technology Co., Ltd. It is a leading manufacturer in developing optical motion capture system. Providing highest level of precision and accuracy of motion capturing system for virtual reality、film、television and game industries. It also support many clients from ergonomics and sport research area who need this system to get instant validated data output for sport science、human machine interaction and motion analysis.

As a strong RD company it has established long-term cooperation and interaction with many international cooperates such as Huawei, Tencent, and Liaison. The products have been integrated into the theme parks such as Play Valley, Sanya Trust, and the film and television section with Sovies participated in the Vancouver Film Academy and Director Zhang Yimou. Cooperation. Shanghai Qingyi Vision focuses on independent research and development of space positioning camera development, motion capture system and more…


Bringing the creative freedom of live action to CG


Like to produce a live CG content for Vlog

DragonFly gives you an efficient end-to-end virtual cinematography solution from a highly optimized workflow for location scouting

Pipeline supports the various motion capture equipment and different media source inputs includes cameras, video files, images, 3D props and much more