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VT LIVE is a live performing solution for digital content creators. System is designed to integrated complex character, props, scenes and virtual cameras into one intuitive live solution.


Pipeline supports the various motion capture equipment and different media source inputs includes cameras, video files, images, 3D props and much more.

If you are looking to produce a live CG content in real-time for Vlog、e-sport、VTuber and other digital media but not familiar with technology?

Please contact us “info@yameme.net”.

VTuber is a virtual character channel on YouTube​

"VTuber" refers to the use of three-dimensional computer graphics (3DCG), to create a 3D animated character, and then open the animated character to a personal channel on YouTube.

Let it be a "virtual YouTuber" (Virtual YouTuber).


VTuber is now a strong trend on YouTube, not only because each character has a different personality, also the channel style varies from character to character.

The distinctive Vtuber internet celebrity is popular on the Internet. 


More and more companies are entering VTuber as a new promotion method on YouTube.

In Japan, the 2018 Internet buzzwords were selected, and the first popular buzzword was "VTuber".

Even Japanese netizens have designated 2018 as the first year of VTuber.

Start with 2D character design

Character design includes the overall shape of the animated character,
such as body shape, facial expressions and accessories.
In principle, the character designer will paint the main character's front, side and back for each character.
The front,side and oblique sides of the character's head, as well as the different expressions of the character.


YAMEME animated television series has been on TV since 2012, and been nominated Golden Bell Award animation film for years.
Now as global media trend. YAMEME became a Virtual Youtuber and starts her own channel on streaming media / platform such as Youtube.