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Exclusive Agent in Taiwan's Education Market


The design revolution

Affinity Designer enables you to design incredibly creative images.  By utilizing color changes, lines, and geometric matching, it will help you to successfully complete every task.  If you own the Affinity Designer certificate,  your classmates will be envious, your colleagues will trust you with designs, no matter where you are, you will have a strong advantage. 


Picture the future

Whether you are a beginner of retouching software or experienced designer, Affinity Photo is very easy to use.  By learning many functions in this  software, you can create unique art work and obtain certificate to prove your strength.  Let Affinity Photo help you to become the king of retouching!  


Fluid publishing powerhouse

By using Affinity Publisher's layout technique, you can create beautiful magazines, books, and posters.  Imagine passing the test and obtaining the certificate, everyone admires your design and more people see your perfect image, how exciting would that be!? 

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